The Feels

*Disclaimer*: There is cursing in this post because of the emotion that I put in. My opinions and what I say are not meant to offend anyone. This blog site is not a professional blog at all and it is not meant to. People are free to comment whatever they wish and ask me any kinds of questions. Also, my posts will always be pretty raw so you may find some or a lot of grammar mistakes XD.

10:36 am
June 28, 2017

Dear Rose,

I’m still salty as fuck about yesterday but I have calmed down a lot since then. Today is not too hot, which is perfect for walking my dog. I’m trying not to say much to my parents because usually when I’m pissed my mouth has no filter. Well it has no filter in general, but still… get my point XD. I know stereotypically what I feel about my Asian parents is normal, but I hope that there are Asian families that try to understand their child and grow as a person as their child grows older. I just feel like I don’t belong in this family. I feel weird and out of place. I would rather be with my boyfriend’s family because when I have problems they would rather calmly talk about it than ignore it or say that I don’t know what I’m talking about. One day I was talking to my parents about how being too strict may cause problems with a child. They said I didn’t know what I was talking about. First, I do because I live through it. They are the Asian parents that think they know everything about me. They don’t trust me. Who’s ever reading my posts knows more about me than they do XD. I know some people will say you should tell them about everything….but to be honest…I have given up on that. I have tried so hard to get them to be open-minded, to understand where I’m coming from, and to listen to what I have to say. It all goes from one ear and out the other because I am younger, I don’t know anything. I get it that I’m younger…..but I definitely know what I feel and what I’m experiencing. It sucks guys. When you’re a 20-year old junior college student that did their best in everything to impress them, but it isn’t enough for them to give you freedom and respect. All of my Asian brothers and sisters out there that are experiencing this…..I want you to know that I’m here for you and I totally understand what you’re going through. You’re not alone. Well, Rose, I think that’s it for now…maybe I will write another entry at night.

The Filipino Diaries


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