You Do You

*Disclaimer*: There is cursing in this post because of the emotion that I put in. My opinions and what I say are not meant to offend anyone. This blog site is not a professional blog at all and it is not meant to. People are free to comment whatever they wish and ask me any kinds of questions. Also, my posts will always be pretty raw so you may find some or a lot of grammar mistakes XD.

June 28th, 2017
8:49 pm

Dear Rose,

Today was a pretty good day. It was still kind of hot but not too hot. I was watching some videos about how some Korean people were having struggles with their education system. They said that if you don’t study hard enough you may not get into one of the top universities. If you don’t get into one of the top universities, then you won’t have a high paying job. They added that even if you get into one of the top universities, there are so many people after the same job it’s a possibility that you may not get it. I feel so much for people in these types of situations. I may not know the whole story and may I have some wrong information, but anyone out there that is having trouble in college or they were forced into a major that they don’t like…..know that you are not alone. You can do it and I believe in you. I’m not sure what situation you may be in but know that you don’t have to go with the flow, it’s ok to go out of the flow and do your own thing. Life would be boring if we were all the same. You do you and I’m sure you will succeed! The next few videos I watched were about plastic surgery in Korea and in Japan. Apparently, in Korea, its common practice to have a headshot with your resume when applying for a job. Me personally, that’s weird because you’re basically judging a book by its cover. Looks aren’t everything in my opinion. Of course, dressing for the occasion, I understand, but that is a totally different story. Of course, everyone and every country has a problem with judging someone, but the headshot thing is not helping. I was interested because in America plastic surgery to an extent, but in countries like Japan and Korea, it’s a common thing to get. I personally have never thought of plastic surgery cuz it looks scary and I like the way I look. I don’t mind people who get plastic surgery because it’s their choice. I just want women to know that whatever you do I hope you are doing it for you and no one else because we are all beautiful. The only person that should dictate whether you need to physically change, is yourself. Of course, I understand it’s the trend or there are social pressures, but I want every woman and man to know they are beautiful/handsome. I also watched some videos on eating disorders and the same sentiment goes to those people. I know it’s hard to lose weight, but please do it safely. Not eating and using pills will only hurt you in the end. Some of them don’t even work. I know what it feels like to feel fat and ugly compared to some people. Although I realized, that these body trends all over the world are unrealistic. I can work out as much as I want and my hips will still be huge because that’s the way I was built. Everyone should know that everybody has a different shape and everybody has a different metabolism. Men and women who are skinny shouldn’t be putting people that are bigger than them down and people who are thick shouldn’t be putting skinny people down. We are all beautiful/handsome and we are all different. Well, that’s my two cents on the topic XD. I’m outie 5000…..I’m so lame…..

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