You Gotta Read To Believe

*Disclaimer*: There is cursing in this post because of the emotion that I put in. My opinions and what I say are not meant to offend anyone. This blog site is not a professional blog at all and it is not meant to. People are free to comment whatever they wish and ask me any kinds of questions. Also, my posts will always be pretty raw so you may find some or a lot of grammar mistakes XD.


June 29th, 2017

8:57 pm


Dear Rose,


Today was uneventful. Just hiding upstairs from the wicked witch of the west. Hopefully, we will be able to move out of this house and have our own place. This was my parent’s worst decision ever XD. My parents are super Asian, that means I have no idea what I’m talking about when I state my opinion. It’s because I’m younger than they are. It’s frustrating because the reason why we’re in this mess is that my mother decided to move back to North Carolina……when they didn’t have much money. They moved from Florida to North Carolina and got an apartment that had a mortgage of $1,600 per month. CRAZY!!! It’s expensive because it was in the middle of Cary, an upscale city in NC. I asked them why they were living there when they could have found a cheaper apartment….but my mother just kinda ignored my opinion. They always do that. Now we are living with a woman we don’t know that does not take our schedule into consideration. She is an 80-year-old woman that has Parkinson’s disease and gets places by using a motorized wheelchair. Sad right? You won’t be saying that when you live with her. Everything revolves around her and she is super demanding. She never asks nicely to do something. She just points and tells me what to do. My parents are fed up with her and so am I. I didn’t like her from the beginning. She literally almost killed my dog twice because she was feeding Kella food off of the table. She tried to feed her chicken that had bones in it and Kella almost swallowed the bones……I TOLD HER 5 MILLION TIMES NOT TO FEED KELLA ANY HUMAN FOOD!!! She doesn’t fucking listen. When we used to take her to church with us, we told her that we are leaving at 7:00 am because the mass starts at 7:45 am. She pushed it till 11:00 am because she wasn’t ready. BITCH THIS AIN’T YOUR SCHEDULE, WE INVITED YOU TO ATTEND CHURCH WITH US NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!! There was also a time, where fucking margarine (nickname I gave the old woman) banged on the wall to get my mother’s attention to turn off a light……bitch. Also on my dad’s only day off, she told him that they needed to get her medicine and it was an emergency. My father said ok, so long as it was an emergency. They left at 8 pm and came back at 10 pm (my father didn’t eat dinner before he took her to get her medicine), 2 hours of her not getting her medicine because she was following a scam. That scam lost her $200. She is not only a bitch but a liar. I know that she’s an old woman and stuff like that, but you guys don’t live with her. She is literally the most inconsiderate woman I have ever met. Rose, I can’t wait to move out of here. Well, that’s all for today I think lol.



The Filipino Diaries


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